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Mar. 6th, 2010

I'm so disgusted with hetero-sexual men. You wouldn't believe what I've encountered on FB and I'm not even looking for anything. The internet is a great thing but it is also a horrible thing.
I think I'm losing my mind. Really I think I'm going crazy.

Dec. 24th, 2009

Merry Chirstmas, guys! Hope it's a great year for us all.
Yeah, I'm a terrible person. Yesterday,we had the drawing of names for Secret Snowflake (no we can't call it Secret Santa) at work. Well, I sort of didn't like the name I got. The woman is a total two-faced bitch. So, I put it back. Later, about three people came up to me and had done the same thing. NO ONE wanted her. I was cracking up.
1. First Name
Kathy short for Kathleen which I only like a few people to call. Like the patron at work who is from Ireland and says with this accent.
2. Age
3. Location
Franklin, Massachusetts which is South East of Boston. I love living in New England and especially Massachusetts because it is a very liberal state.
4. Occupation
Library Assistant. I can't say I'm Librarian because you need your Master's Degree to be called that! I love my job and my library, which great. I would like to get Master's but have been putting it off for years because of money and also fear that I can't do it. I really like what I'm doing now and would be so happy if I got more hours and moved up.
5. Partner
Alas, no one. Never thought wanted kids but lately have been feeling like the old clock is ticking and yes I would love a child.
6. Kids
See above!
7. Siblings
I have four brothers and a sister. The are all quite a bit older than me. I was a change-of-life baby. A surprise for my parents who thought they were all done.

8. Pets
I lost my cat, Arthur, after 19 years. I would love another kitten but can't really afford it at the moment. I recently took care of my sister's golden retriever. I'm totally in love with and think maybe yeah I'd like a dog. But they are so much work and the expense...

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life.
Really boring and dull!
I guess, work, money, and family crapola.
10. Parents
My mum is in her late 80's and yes I live with her. She couldn't live on her own and no way do I want her in a nursing home.
11. Some of your closest friends are:
My mom is my best friend and the fab Jane Brady here on LJ. I have some more close friends that I made at school and work.

That's it. Very dull life.
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